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A browsing session executed in a virtual container (represented by a secure opaque glass bell) which is sent back to the user's workstation by a stream of pixels.
Secure access to high-risk sites
Extend your access policies and simplify the handling of non-categorized sites.
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Virtual access to your applications
Secure your sensitive applications and data by isolating access from uncontrolled workstations.
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User station protection
Protect your users' Internet access and sensitive workstations against cyber-attacks.
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Business continuity
Keep your business running in the event of a security incident on your workstations or the corporate network.
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"We estimate that organizations that isolate internet web browsing will experience a 70% reduction in attacks that compromise end-user systems. "
User protection against online threats
Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Safari

Make your browser
your first line of defense

A proactive cybersecurity solution, VirtualBrowser isolates your users' Internet browsing on a remote virtual bubble, providing physical isolation between their computer and the resources accessed.

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Seamless user experience thanks to Fast Pixel Rendering technology

Control interactions according to your rules:
Keyboard, Copy / Paste, Download / Upload, Print...

Virtual access to your web applications and online videoconferencing solutions (Teams, Zoom, Gmeet, Webex ...)

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Secure Access

Physical separation of navigation: no uncontrolled code execution takes place on the user's workstation.

Smooth navigation

The use of VirtualBrowser does not degrade the browsing experience.

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Rapid Adoption

No software or plug-ins to install on workstations: extremely simple adoption process.

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Simple deployment

Seamless integration with your corporate infrastructure and proxy. Flexible SaaS or On-Premise hosting.

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Everywhere, For everyone

Multi-device access on desktop, tablet and mobile. Compatible with all 0S and browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari

Frequently asked questions
How does VirtualBrowser work?

VirtualBrowser is a Remote Browser Isolation solution.

By executing all internet browsing activities in an isolated remote container.
Only a harmless visual representation of the content is then transmitted to your device, making it impossible to execute malicious code.

This technology considerably reduces your attack surface and offers proactive protection against cyberthreats. It is also very useful for securing sensitive data and applications, particularly in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment.

What types of threats can VirtualBrowser prevent?

VirtualBrowser's Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) can prevent a range of web threats, including :

  1. Malware: By isolating browsing sessions in a remote environment, malware cannot reach the end-user's device.
  2. Phishing: Even if a user clicks on a malicious link, the attack is contained within the remote browser, and keyboard input can be disabled to prevent any theft of credentials.
  3. Drive-by downloads: Involuntary downloads are blocked as malwares can't access to user's device.
  4. Injection attacks: As web content is executed remotely, attempts to inject malicious scripts are neutralized.
  5. Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks: By using robust encryption protocols between the user's device and the isolated browser, interception attempts are greatly limited.
  6. Zero-day exploits: Even if an unpatched vulnerability is exploited, the attack will remain confined to the remote environment, protecting the user's systems.
  7. Fingerprinting: This tracking technique, which collects information on a user's browser and device for profiling purposes, is limited by the fact that the fingerprint is that of the remote browser, not that of the user's workstation.
  8. Cookies and malicious trackers: These elements are isolated and cannot track or profile user activity on personal devices.
How can I integrate VirtualBrowser into my infrastructure?

Integrating VirtualBrowser into your infrastructure depends on a number of factors, such as the size of your business, specific security constraints, existing architecture, choice of hosting and much more.

For a deployment that precisely meets your needs, we invite you to get in touch with our team of experts.

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Don't let your users' surfing
compromise your day-to-day operations.

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