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Protect your sensitive users

when surfing the web

VirtualBrowser proactively protects workstations against the main threats associated with Internet browsing (Phishing, Malware, Ransomware, Zero-Day...).

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Protect your users' Internet access and sensitive workstations against cyber-attacks.

Attack prevention

Malware, Phising, Ransomware


No Agent or Plugin

Redirection mode

Proxy / Explicite

Private Navigation

No Cookies / Fingerprinting

Secure Internet access

of your at-risk populations

Authorize your sensitive users (Administrators, VIPs, CERTs, etc.) to access the Internet without risk

Surf risk-free even on infected websites

Secure your users' browsing in sensitive areas

Connect with confidence

Securely access applications such as WhatsApp, Gmail, ChatGPT and more.

Privacy guaranteed at every click

Surf the web completely anonymously, protecting your identity and your data.

Secure, controlled access to critical applications

Enable your employees to access online services (Whatsapp en lignes Gmail, ChatGPT) while exercising meticulous control over permissions: copy-paste, file transfer and upload, keyboard input...

Make your browser your first line of defense!

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