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In the event of a security incident, VirtualBrowser will help you control the risk of propagation and limit the impact on your business by isolating employee access from personal terminals and connections to compromised servers.

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Keep your business running in the event of a security incident on your workstations or the corporate network.




Via a simple URL (without VPN)


Fast Pixel Rendering



Incident response

and reduce the risk of propagation

Rapid restoration: access your essential applications even from a compromised workstation

Threat isolation: prevent propagation to other systems or networks

Business continuity: temporarily secure the use of personal terminals (BYOD)

Seamless continuity

Ensure uninterrupted activity and optimum responsiveness, even in the event of unforeseen events

Prepare for the future

Implement a robust recovery plan, guaranteeing the security and availability of your services.

Business continuity and enhanced responsiveness

Reduce the risk of a vulnerability spreading by isolating your application servers or infected workstations. VirtualBrowser reinforces your strategy by providing a backup solution to limit the economic impact of a cyber attack.

What if you could continue to work from an infected workstation?

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